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The London Houses’ social experience is one of exclusivity, sophistication, and elegance. As a private social club, it enriches members with a sense of belonging and community fostered within our posh amenities, intimate dinners, vibrant social events, and themed parties. The club’s commitment to privacy and intimacy ensures that members are able to relax and enjoy their social experiences in a glamorous, yet secluded and secure environment.

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London House members have the opportunity to enjoy the many rooms and features of the club, from the tastefully crafted menu & bar, to the luxurious lounge, and the exciting bond room. London House also offers various events, from culinary experiences to themed parties, providing members with diverse opportunities for socializing, entertaining, and networking. Elite, House, Out of Town and Corporate memberships are offered and come with a range of different benefits. Visit our memberships page for more information.

To inquire, please email us at with any questions or fill out our online application form.

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